Herbal Beauties Rave About Aspen Herbals

Herbal Beauties Love Aspen Herbals

Organic Dry Shampoo Coco Earth

✦ "I love the organic dry shampoo, from the smell, to the volume it adds to my hair between washes! Highly recommend this product!"

✦ " Love this! It works better than the old chemical-laden dry shampoo I had been using!

 Multi-tasking Wild Rose Herbal Lip Tint & Cream Blush

✦ "I am an actress while at Sundance I got this balm in our swag bag. I fell in love with it. I recently lost it but I'm glad I found it here. Can't live without it now!"

Gemstone Botanical Body Scrub Moonstone & Lavender

✦ "This is my favorite body scrub! I use this scrub in the evening to relax and it washes away any stress I've accumulated throughout the day. I love the pop of color and scent from the lavender buds."


 Aspen Herbals As Seen In Organic Spa