Light & Night Herbal Lip Balm, lavender & licorice

Collections: Herbal Lip Care

  • Light & Night is perfect for deep thinkers & complex souls. Lightly scented lavender gives way to dark licorice. A multifaceted scent representing the age-old epic battle between forces of darkness & the light. A cyclical rotation within nature we witness with the dawning of each day & the dusk-fall of night.

  • ✦ Moisturize lips & contemplate

  • ✦ Hydrate chapped lips

  • ✦ Glides on smoothly for that perfect lip slip
  • ✦ Sinks into skin leaving silky soft lips without greasy residue

  • ✦ Contains slow-infused herbal oils of calendula, lemon balm & yarrow
  • Sunflower seed oil*, Calendula flower extract*, Lemon Balm leaf extract*, Yarrow flower/leaf extract*, Shea butter, Beeswax*, Apricot kernel oil*, Coconut oil*, Lavender oil*, Anise oil*, Non GMO Vitamin E oil ~ * Organic ingredient

  • I encourage you to do your herbal research & discover what possible benefits these ingredients may possess.

  • .15 oz (4 g)

  • Perfect addition to any morning routine & is especially luxurious after gently exfoliating with our Salty Bitterroot Herbal Lip Scrub

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