Salty Bitterroot Herbal Lip Scrub, poppy seed exfoliant

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✦ Perfect for parched summer lips or damaged winter-worn lips

✦ Contains Seabuckthorn extracts & powerful herb-infused oils

✦ Gently exfoliate lips & remove dead skin

✦ Nourish & moisturize while exfoliating

Our Salty Bitterroot Herbal Lip Scrub features finely ground Himalayan salt and poppy seeds which gently exfoliate lips. Precious extracts of Seabuckthorn berries and herb-infused organic oils nourish vulnerable, freshly-exposed skin. All of this goodness is suspended in a base of rich fair-trade shea butter & organic apricot kernal oil.

✦ Apply using gentle pressure while moving in a circular motion

✦ Gently remove with a damp cloth

Himalayan pink salt, Shea butter, Apricot kernel oil*, Sunflower oil*, Calendula flower oil*, Lemon Balm leaf oil*, Yarrow flower/leaf oil*, Beeswax*, Poppy seed*, Non GMO Vitamin E oil, Geranium oil* ~ * Organic ingredient

.30 oz (8 g)

Our Salty Bitterroot Herbal Lip Scrub derives its name from the Montana State Flower. Historically, the Bitterroot flower is also known as “the resurrection flower” due to its ability to survive over a year without water. Resurrection is exactly what Salty Bitterroot Herbal Lip Scrub does for damaged lips. Perfect for those parched summer lips as well as damaged winter-worn lips.

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