Sunrise Herbal Lip Balm ~ citrus

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Hints of earth & wooden citrus are reminiscent of awakening on a forest floor. As you apply Sunrise, rays of sunshine burst forth through the canopy to awaken your lips. Just remember to remove the twigs from your hair before you venture into town.

✦ Awaken your lips

✦ Moisturize & hydrate chapped lips

✦ Glides on smoothly for that perfect lip slip

✦ Sinks into skin leaving silky soft lips without greasy residue

✦ Contains slow-infused herbal oils of calendula, lemon balm & yarrow

Sunflower seed oil*, Calendula flower extract*, Lemon Balm leaf extract*, Yarrow flower/leaf extract*, Shea butter, Beeswax*, Apricot kernel oil*, Coconut oil *, Sweet Orange essential oil*, Bergamont (BPE Free) essential oil*, Amyris essential oil*, Non GMO Vitamin E oil ~ * Organic ingredient

  • ✦ I encourage you to do your herbal research & discover what possible benefits these ingredients may possess.

  • .15 oz (4 g)

    Use as a follow-up lip treatment after our Salty Bitterroot Herbal Lip Scrub

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